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STUC Valley

Stupid, Technically Useless, Confusing

Those are a few words that come to mind once you see what in the fresh hell happened to Velocity feature names once Sun Valley development picked up the pace

Here's a table of acronyms used in various feature names

Acronym Explanation
AL(L)B Animated Lock/Logon Background
AUXEMP Add Undocked Xaml Extensions Metadata Provider
CBRCloud Backup Restore
CUIDFS Credential UI Desktop Fluent Styling
DGI Dashboard Gesture Integration
DI Drag Improvements
DLOOBE Desktop Lite Out Of Box Experience
DTC Deprecate Tile Control
Emrbspi Enable Monitor Removal Behavior Spi
Erpsrbspi Enable Restore Previous State Recalc Behavior Spi
FTVTM Frontload Timeline Visual Tree Modifications
MTCMCTSA Move Taskbar Context Menu Options(?) To Settings App
MW Minimize Windows
RW Restore Windows
SA Snap Assist
SBTG Snap Based Task Groups
SSWPU Shell Set Window Position Unrestricted
Swonms Shrink Window On Move Size
TD Taskbar Dll
TTP Taskbar Test Proxy
TUC Taskbar Undocked Controls
UDTHD Use Desktop Taskbar Handler Dll
UTTV Updated Taskview Timeline Visuals
V(D)PM Virtual Desktops Per Monitor
VTRRCC Visual Tree Rounded Rectangle Cpu Clip
WTA Win32 Taskbar Access
WUIOD WinUI On Desktop