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STUC Valley

Stupid, Technically Useless, Confusing

Those are a few words that come to mind once you see what in the fresh hell happened to Velocity feature names once Sun Valley development picked up the pace

Here's a table of acronyms used in various feature names Acronym|Explanation -|- WUIOD|WinUI On Desktop Emrbspi|Enable Monitor Removal Behavior Spi SBTG|Snap Based Task Groups SSWPU|Shell Set Window Position Unrestricted TD|Taskbar Dll UTTV|Updated Taskview Timeline Visuals AL(L)B|Animated Lock/Logon Background UDTHD|Use Desktop Taskbar Handler Dll MTCMCTSA|Move Taskbar Context Menu Options(?) To Settings App TUC|Taskbar Undocked Controls FTVTM|Frontload Timeline Visual Tree Modifications DTC|Deprecate Tile Control Swonms|Shrink Window On Move Size CUIDFS|Credential UI Desktop Fluent Styling VTRRCC|Visual Tree Rounded Rectangle Cpu Clip WTA|Win32 Taskbar Access DGI|Dashboard Gesture Integration TTP|Taskbar Test Proxy AUXEMP|Add Undocked Xaml Extensions Metadata Provider Erpsrbspi|Enable Restore Previous State Recalc Behavior Spi DI|Drag Improvements MW|Minimize Windows RW|Restore Windows DLOOBE|Desktop Lite Out Of Box Experience ||